Ryan reveals love for grunge music

If Congress had an official jukebox, it would probably be playing one weird mix of tunes.

On Tuesday, Rep. Paul Ryan revealed on CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” that he’s not exactly into the music your grandparents probably listen to. When asked what he could be seen “rocking out” to on his iPod before the House debt ceiling vote on Monday, Ryan told host Joe Kernen, “I was listening to Filter. I listen to grunge.”

The disclosure of the Wisconsin Republican’s musical taste comes just a day after Sen. John McCain (R-Arix.) reaffirmed his affection for a far less edgy musical group: ABBA. 

On “Imus in the Morning,” host Don Imus said in a chat with McCain, that he was disappointed with McCain’s fave group. McCain didn’t exactly come to the defense of the Swedish band, saying, “I think that the Beatles and ABBA are vying for most listened to -- and Elvis. I think those three. But I never claimed to be a sophisticated connoisseur of music.” Mamma Mia!

UPDATE: Sen. McCain tells ITK as far as his love for ABBA, "I claim no cultural superiority."

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