Here we go again...just when you thought the Donald Trump presidential run was over, the real estate mogul throws Wolf Blitzer a curve ball. 

Trump ruled out any presidential bid back in May, saying that "business is my greatest passion and I am not ready to leave the private sector." The move came after months of dabbling with the idea of running for the GOP nomination.

Yet in an appearance on CNN's "The Situation Room" on Monday, Trump told Blitzer that he might consider running as an Independent in 2012, if Republicans nominated the "wrong" candidate. Trump made similar comments during a Fox News interview in June.

If seeking a seat in the Oval Office doesn't work out for Trump, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee believes "The Apprentice" star would be the man for another job - Treasury secretary.

The 2008 Republican presidential candidate and Fox News host offered up this unsolicited advice on Monday: "Ask Donald Trump to be Treasury secretary." Huckabee added, "Right now, the president needs something that is truly a game changer, and he doesn't have that in [current Treasury secretary Timothy Geithner]." Not that the gig is available. The White House announced on Sunday that Geithner would be staying in the job.

President Obama, "It's hard for him to appoint me after the way I talk about him, I mean, in all fairness."

Yet, The Donald quickly seemed to snap back to his old, self-assured self, adding, "Obama should be calling the smartest people we have in business. Obama should be calling honestly, my type - guys that have done really well, great business people."