Music royalty Beyonce Knowles announced yesterday to photographers at the MTV Video Music Awards pre-show that she was pregnant. Beyonce has been married to rapper Jay-Z for three years. Many had been waiting for this moment for the super couple, who are known for hits like "Crazy in Love."

Longtime Washington radio personality Donnie Simpson tweeted his congrats to the singer, saying "Congrats 2 Beyonce & Jay-Z on pregnancy. Katy Perry bought the first gift. A Jack in the Box which she carried on her head disguised as a hat." Perry sat through the awards with an enormous yellow box on her head, making it difficult for her to move her head with sudden movements.

E!'s Giuliana Rancic, who grew up in the D.C. area before heading out west, also tweeted her well-wishes to the star. "Congrats to Beyonce! She's such a sweetheart. She seems like she'll be such a sweet mama."

ITK is on the lookout for a message from First Lady Michelle Obama, who has proven to be a big fan of B. She took her daughters Sasha and Malia to Beyonce's summer concert tour when she stopped in D.C. last year.