altLately the Twitter feed for President Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign is looking more like the Home Shopping Network because it seems the campaign workers behind the @BarackObama Twitter handle just can’t stop hocking their boss’ tchotchkes.

The Twitter account last week posted an ad for Obama gear, writing, “Fired up, ready to grill? Get our 2012 apron for your next tailgate or BBQ.” The message directed Twitter users to a page selling $35 Obama aprons.

Obama’s campaign isn’t the only one trying to hawk stuff to its followers, but it certainly takes on more of a salesman-like tone and pushes pricier items than others running in 2012. 

Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman’s Twitter account, @Jon2012HQ, urged its supporters in July to snap up a $4 item, writing, “Get a bumpersticker in our HStore!”

On Monday, @BarackObama continued the commercial for campaign goodies, wanting the goo-goo set to go gaga for some onesies. The campaign tweeted a link to outfits emblazoned with the words, “Babies for Obama.” Along with the link, the president’s Twitter account included a so-so sales pitch, writing, “For the youngest #Obama2012 supporter in your life.”

What’s next? An Obama item for the feline faction? Oh wait – they already thought of that. A “Cats for Obama” collar can be yours for $12.