Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-Mich.) said he's "bummed" about 80s rock band R.E.M.'s decision to break up.

"What's Peter Buck going to do now?" McCotter said to Yahoo News referring to the lead guitar player. "That's too bad. I just downloaded all my stuff onto my iPod late last year during lame-duck. And it was one of the ones I found myself going back and listening to. You know, especially when they do the Velvet Underground covers."

McCotter, an avid guitar player himself, did not linger over the news too much.

"I'm bummed, that's too bad," McCotter, who's also running for the GOP presidential nomination, said. "But all things must pass. They had a good run."

McCotter's campaign has lagged behind most of the GOP presidential field and he's repeatedly noted his exclusion from debates. He told Yahoo that on Thursday, during the Fox News-Google debate, he had other plans.

"I'll probably be listening to R.E.M.," he said.

The band announced on their website earlier Wednesday that they were breaking up.