altWhile other high schoolers were putting their boutineers in place and touching up their updos for the prom, Rep. Michele Bachmann (Minn.) says she was counting coins as a cashier…at a grocery store. 

It’s another buzz-worthy tidbit the Republican presidential candidate shares in her new book, Core of Conviction.

The congresswoman laments that despite the fact that she served as prom chair, she wasn’t asked to the big dance. She writes, “I felt bad when I didn’t get asked my junior year, but I was really embarrassed and sad that I wasn’t even asked my senior year.” Awww.

But at least while her classmates were busting a move, she was making a little extra dough. Bachmann says she was scheduled to work as a grocery cashier at the Country Club Market on prom night: “Because girls couldn’t ask boys, and because I had no idea how to flirt, I found myself literally minding the store rather than primping for prom.”