altMitt Romney is a flip-flopper, according to his Democratic opposition and several fellow rivals for the Republican nomination. The candidate
confirmed this week reveals he really does flip—pancakes, that is, for his family on Sunday mornings.

Romney’s a little busy on the campaign trail these days, but when the Romney clan gets together on lazy Sundays they “start with a big
breakfast,” he told Parade magazine in a new interview published over the weekend.

“Ann makes batter for pancakes, and I flip them,” Romney said. “Then we go to church for three hours. In the afternoon, we’ll watch a
football game, tell stories, wrestle, read, take walks.”

In the family-focused interview, Romney described his long-distance courtship of future-wife Ann in 1966, taking place during his 30-month
mission trip to France for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

It was love-at-first-sight for Mitt and Ann, who met in high school prior to Romney’s mission. While he was overseas living among what he
called France's "lower middle class," they wrote letters to each other every week—this is pre-email, folks—but were not allowed to talk on
the phone, due to church rules, according to Romney.

When the future Mrs. Romney visited France to study abroad, the couple “were always chaperoned,” Romney revealed. Perhaps Ann didn't mind, as Romney also described the shower situation during his stay as "attaching a hose to the sink faucet [and] standing in a plastic tub."

Romney proposed in the family station wagon the day he returned home to the states, he told the magazine.

Mitt and Ann Romney now have five sons and 16 grandkids who call him “Papa.”

Romney also revealed the secret motivation behind his presidential bid.

"I think at least 90 percent of my life could be explained as Mitt trying to impress Ann,” he told the magazine.