altFemale politicians, both real and imagined, are getting ready to take over HBO this spring.

The premium cable channel premiered a teaser for its upcoming show, “Veep,” over the weekend. Production crews for the comedy series, which stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus, of “Seinfeld” fame, as the nation’s number two lady, spent a lot of time filming around D.C. over the last few months.

In the less than 30-second glimpse at the new show that debuts in April, viewers hear a heartbeat as words appear on the screen that read: “The vice president of the United States. Just one heartbeat away from the most powerful position in the world.” Louis-Dreyfus is then seen looking blasé and spinning around in a squeaky executive chair while gazing up at the ceiling of a well-appointed office.

Julianne Moore is also bringing a larger than life lawmaker to the small screen. The actress is transforming into former Alaska governor Sarah Palin for the mini-series, “Game Change.”

The star of “The Kids are All Right” recently told the New York Daily News that she “read every single thing” she could get her hands on about the former Republican vice presidential candidate in order to prepare for the role. But the paper reported that when asked if she gained a newfound respect for Palin, Moore simply said, “No.”