altaltIt’s not a bird...or a’s Rep. Ron Paul — in action figure form!

That’s right, the Texas congressman and GOP presidential candidate now has his own bad guy butt-kickin' doll.

The Ron Paul Revolution PAC, unveiled two 12-inch, talking, limited edition figures on Saturday. The “Commander-in-Chief” Paul wears a traditional suit as he holds a mini copy of the U.S. Constitution. The “Super Hero” Paul dons a white cape and blue boots, with “RP” emblazoned across his chest.

No word on what either of the talking action figures say.

In a Monday press release Revolution PAC chair Gary Franchi writes, “Barack Obama certainly doesn’t have a corner on the action figure market.”

But au contraire — ITK was able to find a bevy of Obama action figures online.

Many are priced well below the cost of the Paul figures, which will set back supporters nearly $95, along with $7.50 for shipping.

Revolution PAC says all proceeds from the sale of the action figures will go to support the effort to elect the White House hopeful.