Vice President Biden exchanged tweets with a fictional character on Thursday.

A Twitter user identified as Joshua Lyman, “Chief of Staff, Dark Prince of American Politics and 101st Senator,” sent Biden a question during a White House question-and-answer session, and the vice president replied personally.

Joshua Lyman is a fictional character played by Bradley Whitford as the deputy chief of staff to the president on the NBC drama “The West Wing,” which ran 1999-2006. The Lyman twitter account is not formally affiliated with the television show.

The faux Lyman tweeted: “Does President Obama's proposal to keep kids in High School until 18 include an opt out for kids who want to get a GED? #whchat”Biden tweeted: “Yes, until 18 or graduation — includes GED. But staying in school increases earning power. -vp #whchat #bestidea”

Biden responded to the question as part of the White House chat, an interactive outreach hosted regularly by the White House that allows various members of the administration to answer questions sent by Twitter users. It was the vice president’s inaugural live chat, according to his Twitter feed. The "-vp" on the end of the tweet indicates it was sent by Biden, not his staff.

Obama included the education proposal in his State of the Union address Tuesday. The speech was the subject of this week’s chat.

The full transcript of the chat is available here.