altJay Carney has switched out his specs once again, but this time, the White House press secretary is playing coy about the reason for his new glasses.

When reporters made note of his noticeably different, brown, tortoise shell frames at Wednesday’s press briefing, Carney said slyly, “You think these are new? Maybe…These could be old. They could be new.”

It’s the third pair of eyewear he has sported in less than six months.

Last August, Carney traded in his usual shades for a set of dark-rimmed glasses that he called “retro-nerdy.” He chalked up the change to a new prescription.

But just weeks after the initial debut of his spanking new eye decor, Carney revealed that he had misplaced the fancy-looking pair.  

The spokesman said at the time, “I was buying my son a bike for his birthday…I think when I was taking it off the bike rack at home, that that I had – I had my sunglasses on, I had the other ones, and I think I put them on the bumper and then drove off.”

When a journo asked if the same fate had befallen his glasses on Wednesday, Carney would only disclose, “Not this time.”