altThe Connecticut-based company HeroBuilders is offering a full range of miniature plastic GOP presidential impersonators, and some of them can talk.

Rick Santorum, clad in a gray sweater-vest, sounds off on theology. The Talking Rick Perry doll stumbles through Perry’s infamous debate memory lapse from November, when he failed to recall the third Cabinet-level department he planned to eliminate as president. Another version of the Perry doll is dressed as a “Regular Man” in jeans and an arm-baring white T-shirt.

Herman Cain comes with or without a female “playmate,” a reference to the allegations of past sexual harassment that triggered Cain’s exit from the presidential race. A dapper Mitt Romney, a slimmed-down version of Newt Gingrich and a new version of a pantsuit-clad Michele Bachmann are also for sale.

But even muscle-shirted Perry and sweater-vested Santorum have some tough competition for top doll.

Hero Builders owner Emil Vicale told the Detroit Free Press this week that his company’s Sarah Palin figures — available in hair-up and hair-down versions — remain its best seller.