altMitt Romney finally admitted to reading a “fun” book on Monday — and it was the very popular “The Hunger Games.”

Just in time for the newly released movie, which he saw Friday with son Matt and grandkids.

“I enjoyed it,” Romney told CNN of the film. “I actually read the books too. I read serious books, but every now and then I read something for fun.”

Romney side-stepped a question about what was currently on his night stand from Fox News’s Bret Baier last November, saying: “I’m reading sort of a fun one right now, so I'll skip that.”

Unless Romney stayed up all night reading Suzanne Collins’ popular young adult trilogy like the rest of the country, his “fun” selection might not be so secret anymore.

According to Romney, the PG-13 rating for the movie is “appropriate,” as the movie — containing child-on-child violence in a reality game format enforced by a dystopian “big government” future — would be “disturbing for young kids.”

Fortunately, Romney assured CNN host Wolf Blitzer that he is of age to see the movie now, and his grandkids are “right around there” too.

Matt Romney tweeted a photo Friday of the family outing—which included Mitt’s wife Ann—with the note that “dad's finally getting a little R&R this wkend.”

"It was nice to be able to see a flick for the first time in a long time,” agreed Romney, who has been in constant movement on the campaign trail since Christmas.

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