altRep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) says her parents once thought they were in the money and had won Ireland’s version of Mega Millions — only to learn that they wouldn’t be rolling in dough anytime soon. 

Talk of the Mega Millions jackpot — which is now at a record-breaking $500 million — on “The Bill Press Show” on Thursday led the congresswoman to recall the lotto-losing tale.

DeLauro explained she spent her junior year living in London while in school at the London School of Economics.

“One Saturday morning on a bicycle up to my folks’ home in New Haven…was the telegram people, Western Union,” said DeLauro.

According to the lawmaker, her father then exclaimed to her mom, “I think they’re coming. It’s a telegram…I bet we won the Irish sweepstakes!”

DeLauro then deadpanned the real reason for the message: “It was a telegram from me saying, ‘Send money.’”