altAlex Trebek admitted Monday that he was on the lookout for a different kind of hosting gig. The longtime face of "Jeopardy!" lamented the predictability of modern political debates and told CBS "This Morning" that he would like to try his hand as a moderator. 

"What bothers me about some of the political debates that I have seen that are hosted by people in the news — reporters, commentators — is that it's all so predictable. The contestants, the candidates know where you're going," said Trebek on CBS "This Morning." 

Trebek, who recently hosted a "Power Players" edition of "Jeopardy!" in Washington, D.C., said he wants to see someone from "left field" ask the contenders about their "vision for America." 

"Nobody talks about that anymore. They just say well 'I want to lower taxes, I want to do this, I want to do' — well yeah, but what kind of a society do we really want in this country?" he said. 

The Emmy Award-winning host praised the use of Twitter during the Republican primary debates, which allowed the "ordinary man" to ask questions of the candidates. 

When pressed on whether anyone has approached him with an offer to host, Trebek said, "No, but I wish they would." 

Trebek was in New York City to receive the Peabody Award for the quiz show's role in "encouraging, celebrating and rewarding knowledge." 

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