altBrad Pitt has a hunch of what to expect as the presidential election creeps closer: “I think we’re going to see more negative advertising than ever before and I think it’s going to be rather ugly.”

The A-list actor touched on the political climate while promoting his new movie, “Killing Them Softly,” at the Cannes Film Festival, saying, “We are certainly living in our country at a time of great divide.”

The flick, described by as a crime thriller, takes place during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Pitt, in comments to The Telegraph, said he “leaned more to the left,” and recalled former Sen. Barack Obama’s (D-Ill.) victory over Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.): “I was there the night in Chicago when Obama won. It was an amazing night — the people out on the streets were connected and jubilant. It was just an electric, kinetic event.”

As ITK was first to report, Pitt and now-fiancee Angelina Jolie met with President Obama at the White House while visiting Washington in January.

The 48-year-old “Fight Club” star also had much to say about one of Obama’s campaign speeches that’s reportedly used in part of his film: “I see the speech that’s chosen at the end of the film not as a cynical look back, a statement of failure, but a real expression of hope that speaks more of our great toxic divide, where it’s more about a party winning the argument than the issues themselves. It’s a serious, serious problem.”