According to wisecracking comic Chris Rock, having Mitt Romney run for president against Barack Obama might not be the best move.

In a recent interview with TIME magazine, Rock noted that Romney’s Mormon faith might work against him come November.

“It’s an odd choice for Republicans four years after a black president,” Rock said. “It’s like, ‘Let’s get the guy whose religion thought black people were the devil until 1978. That ought to do it!’”

Rock also managed to get in a dig at former President George W. Bush, noting America is “like a ship” and Bush “was choppy seas.”

“Ooh, we’re at war. Ooh, the money that was in there is gone. But it just keeps sailing,” Rock said.

When it comes to having President Obama at the helm, the comedian thinks he’s been a “pretty good” captain, despite people’s complaints.

Rock is an ardent Obama supporter, who has appeared at various fundraisers and also attended Obama’s 50th birthday party at the White House last August, which made him feel like he “died and went to black heaven.”