altHe might not have a penchant for cooing hit songs or gyrating on stage, but Mitt Romney does have something in common with Britney Spears. The Republican presidential candidate and the pop star share a taste in pricey elevators.

Both Romney and Spears installed Phantom Park car elevators in their California homes, according to US Weekly. The vehicle lifts don’t come cheap — ringing in at $55,000.

A car storage website describes the elevator as a, “two-deck vehicle parking system designed to store one car on the top platform (canopy) in the lowered position and to raise or lower a vehicle stored on the lower platform.”

The mag reports that Romney placed an order for one of the luxury lifts for the mansion he’s renovating in La Jolla, Calif.

Spears, a new judge on Fox’s “X Factor,” reportedly had one in the Calabasas, Calif. crib she used to rent.