altSen. John CornynJohn CornynTrump plan to claw back billion in spending in peril Trump digs in amid uproar on zero tolerance policy Amendments fuel resentments within Senate GOP MORE (R-Texas) has more forbearance than most bosses on Capitol Hill.

Cornyn showed that when an aide inadvertently mashed his middle finger on the East Front of the Capitol.

Getting into a car after the last vote of the day, Cornyn was resting his left hand on the passenger side door while finishing up an interview, his fingers curled under the top of the doorframe.

The driver failed to realize Cornyn’s precarious position and powered up the window, turning it into a painful vise.

Cornyn stifled a surprised yelp and raised on his toes as he tried to free his finger, frantically motioning his aide to roll down the window. It took a few agonizing seconds for the message to get through.

Cornyn was left with an angry pinch mark but did a good job of keeping his cool and humor, both with the absent-minded driver and a distracting reporter — he neither yelled nor scowled.

He was sporting a nasty purple bruise under his fingernail at the GOP leadership press conference Tuesday afternoon.