Feeling left out as NFL fans make their fantasy football picks this week? A game launched Tuesday offers a fantasy draft for political junkies.

"For The People: Fantasy Politics," now available as a Facebook game, looks a little like The Sims but sounds like a database for wonks.

"We gather the voting records of real legislators to shape your experience based on the home state that you choose," Game producer Kat Dutchin explained in a video introducing the game. The game follows the step-by-step process of turning legislation into law but also integrates the business of running a re-election campaign while "trying to keep your constituents happy, all at the same time," Dutchin says. Avatars will debate with opponents and negotiate on
Capitol Hill. Plus, the game will allow users to create their own avatar and decorate their office.

Gamers who get hooked will be able to rise through the ranks of Congress, starting as a House freshman but eventually able to run for the Senate and the presidency.

Players can also fill out their "November Madness" bracket, offering players the chance to pick winners in every 2012 race.

Game-makers at Rocket Surgeon Entertainment also hope to release the game as a mobile version soon.