altAfter keeping coy about which presidential candidate she’s casting a ballot for on Nov. 6, we asked whether Judd’s political views were similar to those of one of her daughters, Ashley. The outspoken “Missing” actress, a supporter of President Obama, served as a Tennessee delegate at the Democratic National Convention last month.

Mom Naomi replied, “The good news is I have raised very creative, independent-thinking women who do whatever. They’re just like me, they can’t tolerate injustice.” Judd took a pregnant pause before chuckling, “The bad news is I’ve raised two creative women who are defined from within. We have very interesting dinner-table conversations.”

But the crooner is keeping mum about those chats, and won’t confirm media reports claiming Ashley Judd might make a run for Senate in 2016. “I can’t talk about that!” Naomi Judd cried out when asked whether she would soon be known as a senator’s mom.

Judd, 66, who appeared at a rally for then-Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin in 2008, lamented the current White House contenders, saying, “Call me jaded. Call me suspicious, whatever. I wish there was an ideal candidate.”

The “Love Can Build a Bridge” singer, who sparkled from a heavy dose of glitter makeup, added, “Of course I know who I’m going to vote for. I consider myself very well-informed, very involved. I take it very seriously. But there’s never an ideal person. You just have to go with the one that makes the priorities.”

When ITK inquired whether Judd would be willing to belt out a duet with any politician in Washington, the country-music vet exclaimed with a smile, “I wouldn’t sing with them!”

Photo: Tony Powell