“It’s so obvious that it’s not just one poll, which we could easily question because you could always say, ‘Well, how was the question framed? Who did they ask?’ … But when every poll is trending the same way, including the Fox News poll, the word ‘conspiracy’ — that’s when it’s laughable.”

The outspoken television star adds, “When one side feels like they’re not gaining any traction, they start blaming everything but themselves and the intelligence of the voter.”

Belzer paid a visit last weekend to Bethesda Row’s “Writers on the Row” series in Bethesda, Md., to sign copies of the book he co-authored with David Wayne, Dead Wrong: Straight Facts on the Country’s Most Controversial Cover-Ups.

In the tome, Belzer, a former newspaper reporter, contends that the government has engaged in a campaign of misinformation and is responsible for assassinating people it finds “expendable,” including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The comedian and TV police detective, 68, says that while he’s visited Washington many times, given the controversial material in his books, his wife has been concerned in the past about his trips to the nation’s capital.

Belzer tells us he spoke with government workers before making one of his treks to D.C. “I was told not to worry because I am an entertainer, so if need be, [the government] can marginalize me or make fun of me or whatever. But they’re not going to poison me or kill me or anything.” He continues with a chuckle, “So that’s comforting.”

While in the District, Belzer wasn’t afraid to weigh in on the presidential race, predicting President Obama will win next month’s election “in a landslide” over Mitt Romney due to an influx of single female voters riled by women’s issues.

Saying his two grown daughters “made me a radical feminist when they were kids,” Belzer tells ITK he’s “sickened by the notion that these Republican legislators feel so compelled to impose their bizarre will over what women can and cannot do.”

The not-so-subtle star states, “It’s like the Republican Party has a medical condition.”

While Belzer says Romney would be better for comics because he’s “juicier,” he’s still rooting for Obama: “I would rather have a boring good president than a funny bad president. Comedians could find other things to joke about. We don’t need to ruin the country to get material.”

Photo: Wikimedia