On the same night as the last presidential debate, the “Deliverance” actor joined radio talk show hosts Michael Medved, Hugh Hewitt and Dennis Prager as part of the “Battleground States Talkers Tour” hosted by Washington’s 1260WRC and WAVA-FM Monday in Arlington, Va.

When asked what he thought Americans had learned from the debates, Voight replied that he sees “so much mind-blowing going on.”

The actor and dad to Angelina Jolie, 73, continued, “I’ll give you an example of what I saw, of what we all saw, that was quite startling to me. It was Joe BidenJoseph (Joe) Robinette BidenBiden says 'enough is enough' after Santa Fe school shooting Zinke provided restricted site tours to friends: report Democrat wins Philadelphia-area state House seat for the first time in decades MORE, and he has a tremendous ability, Joe Biden, to get very excited and emphatic about something that’s completely out of the realm of reality.”

After laughter from a packed audience died down, Voight said, “He’s fantastic at it, you know.”

That’s when the film star launched into his impression of the longtime Delaware senator, who’s four years his junior, gesticulating wildly and declaring with a booming voice, a la Biden, “This situation in Iran, [nuclear weapons are] not there. They’re trying to frighten us. They’ve got years to go … Even if they find a nuclear weapon, even if they arrive at it, they’ve got a long way to go.”

The entertainer abandoned his best take on Biden to tell the crowd, “That’s what he says, right? … And he’s smiling! He’s so pleased with himself for coming up with this cockamamie nonsense, know what I mean? Never mind that it’s the most dangerous kind of nonsense that you could possibly state.”

Voight stopped himself mid-rant and quipped with a chuckle, “I never thought I’d be doing an impersonation of Joe Biden.“