"I think I can do that move,” he told WZID-FM in New Hampshire on Tuesday. “But I'm not sure that the inauguration ball is the appropriate time to break that out."

The president said he just saw the video for South Korean artist Psy’s hit song and memorable dance routine for the first time.

He didn’t promise that a second term would usher in a president who dances “Gangnam Style” — at least, not in public.

"Maybe I’ll do it privately for Michelle,” he said.

Since the first lady has previously said the president cannot dance — she says she leaves the singing to him and he leaves the dancing to her — Michelle ObamaMichelle LeVaughn Robinson ObamaCriticism of Melania Trump shows a lot about the #MeToo movement Obama tells Letterman of showing off his 'dad moves' in front of Prince Smithsonian to unveil Obamas' portraits next month MORE might be in for a surprise.

Although the interview fell on Election Day, the president also took time to offer some dating advice to 12-year-old Taylor, daughter of show co-host Tracy Caruso.

Explaining to Taylor, who asked, that his daughters don’t date yet, Obama said he deferred to Taylor’s mom to set “the ground rules.”

"I would say that you should talk it through with your parents," he said. "And the time will be right where there's nothing wrong with a young man coming by, introducing himself, being very proper and polite and making sure that you guys get home at a reasonable time.”

Concluding the interview, Obama urged listeners in New Hampshire to vote and told Taylor to do her homework.