No Republican presidential candidate was safe during last night’s “Saturday Night Live” parody of the latest GOP debate. 

SNL mocked the candidates’ performance in the Fox Business Network debate last Thursday during a cold open. 

“Remember candidates, if at any time tonight your poll numbers drop below 3 percent, you will hear a loud gong then be escorted off the stage,” a debate moderator said. 

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s character was later booted off the stage as his poll numbers dropped. 

A fake Sen. Ted CruzTed CruzCruz shares 'proof' of basketball skills - with pic of Duke look-alike Cruz introduces bill letting states bar refugees Trump's America: Businessmen in, bureaucrats out MORE (Texas) defended his eligibility to become president by arguing there was no way he is Canadian. 

“Canadians are well-liked. I am not,” he argued. “Canadians are rugged and outdoorsy, where I myself am mostly made of pudding. Canadians are genuine and warm, whereas when I smile, it looks like I’m peeing.” 

Sen. Marco RubioMarco RubioWebb: What matters now is policy McMahon dodges smackdown from Small Business Committee Why the era of US global leadership is over MORE (Florida) asked if he should blame his infamous boots for his standing in the polls. 

“I could lose the boots,” he said, showing the audience his heeled shoes. 

“I mean, come on. I’m young. I’m smart. I’m the only one up here with a chin.” 

Watch the sketch in the video player above.