The duo also give the glossy mag the inside scoop on what happened within their mom’s campaign following the “legitimate rape” comment made by her Senate opponent, Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.). Maddie says the pair was “kind of stunned” by the controversial remarks.

“The night he said it, my mom made me write down his statement on a notecard so we could memorize it together on the drive to the TV studio. We were afraid the media wouldn’t report the full quote, which seems very quaint in retrospect,” discloses Maddie. But the recent college grad contends, “I don’t deny that it changed the race, but I’m still confident she could’ve won, even without the comment.”

When asked how they would compare themselves to “America’s other favorite political daughters, Sasha and Malia,” Lily responds, “The Obama girls are flawless and way, much cooler than we are.”

Maddie agrees, saying, "I’d like to think that someday I could be as cool as the Obama girls.”