The message reads, “[Last Thursday] I arrived back home on the same flight as Debbie Wasserman Schulz [sic]. At the arrival gate was two Broward County Sheriff’s [sic] in full uniform complete with guns on their hips to whoop it up as she got off the plane. As they walked with her carrying her bag I asked ‘is it appropriate for Broward County Sheriff officers to be carrying people’s luggage instead of protecting people at the airport [sic].’ ”

Day says when she repeatedly piped up to the officers about the baggage brouhaha, they called her the H-word: “The officer on the right looked at me and stated, ‘[Don’t] be a hater.’ I responded, ‘I’m not a hater ... I am a taxpayer and I don’t find it appropriate. You are paid to keep us safe, not carry luggage.’ ”

Then the hate-fest really revved up, according to Day. “[The officer’s] response again was, ‘Yes, you are a hater ... don’t be a hater.’ ”

The mom of two ends her post by declaring, “I don’t think it is appropriate for them to be disrespectful to the people that pay their salaries like me — a taxpayer. By the way ... I’m not a hater!”

Many Facebook members supported Day, with one writing, “You, a hater? Anyone who knows says I don’t think so! Makes me sick!” But others criticized her for hating on the officers who dubbed her a hater, writing, “You heckled her security detail because they had the decency to help her with her bags? Then you post this on your page like it is something you think people should know about? Really? You can’t see how hateful that is?”

Greg Meyer, who as public information officer at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport coordinates all VIP movements, tells ITK, “The congresswoman has never asked anyone to carry her bags.”

Jonathan Beeton, Wasserman Schultz’s communications director, said in an email that the officer “kindly offered to help the congresswoman with one of her bags.” Beeton adds, “It is a shame that someone would attack a polite gesture simply because they disagree with the congresswoman’s politics.”

Photo: Facebook