Ben & Jerry's founder to Iowans: Vote for Sanders, I'll make you ice cream
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Ben & Jerry's ice cream founder Ben Cohen says that if Iowans vote Bernie SandersBernard (Bernie) SandersHarvard law professor: Impeachment could worsen political dysfunction, polarization Gun control debate shifts to hardening schools after Texas shooting Bernie Sanders: NRA to blame for lack of action on gun control MORE the winner of their caucuses he will reward them in pints -- and possibly a new "Bernie flavor."

"If Iowa voters do the right thing and support Bernie, I will personally come to Iowa and make as much ice cream for them as I can," Cohen told The Hill in a telephone interview Monday just hours before the Iowa caucuses.
Cohen, who has been stumping in Iowa and New Hampshire for his home state senator, became a viral Internet sensation when he made an ice cream flavor called "Bernie's Yearning" to celebrate Sanders's candidacy. 
Cohen made 40 Bernie pints in his own kitchen and gave them away in a competition. He originally wanted to sell them to raise money for Sanders's campaign, but doing so would have fallen foul of campaign finance laws. The Ben & Jerry's company had nothing to do with the ice cream.
Now, Cohen has a new Bernie flavor in mind, though he says he's still experimenting with the recipe.
"I have been working on a flavor that deals with the unbelievable reality that the top 1 percent own as much wealth as the bottom 90 percent," Cohen said. "Every time I see that [figure] I look it up again to make sure it's right because I just can't f***ing believe it."
Cohen's first Bernie ice cream had a mint base and a chocolate layer on top to represent the elite who he believes do not pay their fair share in taxes. Eaters are instructed to smash the chocolate into little bits, spread it through the ice cream to create a better mix and then share it with their friends.
Cohen said he was surprised by the popularity and attention lavished on the flavor. 
"It's kind of like the same thing with Bernie," he said. "Nobody expected him to be so popular."