Kim Kardashian poll has more votes than Iowa caucuses
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Kim Kardashian West is bringing out voters in droves to decide the name of Kanye West’s next album. 

More people voted in Kardashian West’s poll than voted in the Iowa caucuses on Monday. 

Though the Iowa presidential contest had high turnout on Monday night, it wasn’t enough to surpass the reality TV star’s poll, which had almost half a million votes before it closed.



Republicans counted more than 182,000 caucusgoers on Monday. 

Democrats had a turnout of 171,000 caucusgoers.


Of course, the comparison between Kardashian's poll and the Iowa caucuses isn't fair.

The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star has 39.9 million followers on Twitter, and anyone with a Twitter account is allowed to vote in the poll. 

Iowa has a population of 3.1 million. Only Iowa residents are able to vote in the caucuses, and to do so, had to be willing to give up a good portion of their Monday night. 

West’s album is set to be released Feb. 11. It was originally titled “Swish,” until he recently changed it to “Waves.” According to Kardashian West’s Twitter poll, “So Help Me God,” is also an option.