Ardent Bernie SandersBernard (Bernie) SandersSchumer: Franken should resign Franken resignation could upend Minnesota races Avalanche of Democratic senators say Franken should resign MORE supporter Tommy Chong, of “Cheech & Chong” fame, says Republicans are getting what they deserve with the rise of Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpHouse Democrat slams Donald Trump Jr. for ‘serious case of amnesia’ after testimony Skier Lindsey Vonn: I don’t want to represent Trump at Olympics Poll: 4 in 10 Republicans think senior Trump advisers had improper dealings with Russia MORE.

“I think Trump is a Republican’s karma,” Chong told ITK with a laugh of the GOP presidential candidate. “What Trump did, he sort of exposed the inner workings of the Republican mindset, and they can never put that genie back in the bottle, try as they may.”

“Think about it: Trump made everybody look so bad that Ted CruzRafael (Ted) Edward CruzDebbie Wasserman Schultz marks 10 years as breast cancer survivor Foreign agent registration is no magical shield against Russian propaganda Let Trump be Trump and he'll sail through 2020 MORE got elected in Iowa,” Chong chuckled, referencing Trump’s second-place finish to the Texas senator in the Hawkeye State’s Monday caucuses.

But Sanders, Chong says, has “got a really good shot because his time is now. We’re ready for Bernie now. We’ve gone through the trials and tribulations of Republicans and presidents that are hampered by Republicans.”

The 77-year-old pot-themed comedian, who likens himself to “a walking drug test,” released a pro-Sanders video last week calling the lawmaker the next “commander in kush.” The Vermont senator introduced legislation last November to legalize the recreational use of marijuana.

Saying his wife is a “big Hillary supporter,” Chong said it was “very close, like a tie” when weighing whether to support Sanders versus Clinton. “But Bernie just shows, to me, more honesty. He’s more transparent. He doesn’t have to think of what he says — he just says it because he’s talking the truth.”

Chong says he’s making himself “available” to the Sanders camp and would be happy to hit the campaign trail in support of his candidate of choice. One website even suggested that Chong should be offered a VP slot by Sanders.

But Chong, a naturalized United States citizen who served nine months in prison in 2004 as part of a plea agreement for sending bongs across state lines, gives a hearty laugh before quipping, “I was born in Canada, so I think I have a Ted Cruz problem. Second of all, I’m a felon, so I definitely can’t hold office until someone pardons me.

“I’d just rather be Bernie’s spokesperson. I’d like to talk up Bernie because he shows so much promise.”

Chong, who just launched his own brand of cannabis products on Chongs, revealed last year that he was facing his second cancer battle. When asked if he’ll offer Sanders any of his Chong’s Choice marijuana strain, the entertainer replied, “Smoking pot to me is very personal and very medical because of my condition. The doctors all agree that I should be doing hemp oil and I should be smoking to improve my appetite. So no, I won’t be offering Bernie any.”

Chong paused before adding, “Unless he asks … I’ll turn him on to a medical doctor, get him a medical card, and then he can go for it himself, if he wants to. The greatest thing about pot is that you don’t have to smoke it.”