The Illinois Democrat wasn’t among the players at Obama’s traditional Election Day pickup basketball game last week. Former Chicago Bulls stars Scottie Pippen and Randy Brown joined in on the match in the Windy City, along with Obama’s go-to teammates, ex-body man and b-ball player Reggie Love, Secretary of Education Arne DuncanArne DuncanLoosely regulated, charter schools pose fiscal risk Proposed Department of Education rule runs counter to ESSA's restrictions In search of the surest Common Core exit route MORE and former Illinois Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias.

When asked Tuesday by radio station WDWS 1400 if he was invited to the Election Day hoops showdown, Durbin laughed, “Have you seen me lately? Do I look like I can play basketball?”

The senator doesn’t exactly see eye to eye with the commander in chief in terms of height — more like eye to chin. In photographs with the 6’1” president, Durbin is more than a few inches shorter than Obama.

The lawmaker continued during his radio interview, “I really like this president and I have a chance to talk to him from time to time.” He added, while letting out a big laugh, “He’s never invited me to play basketball — for obvious reasons.”

Photo: Wikimedia