Mullins is gearing up to premiere his political and cinematic experience with a Web series called “Hard Fix.”

The pilot episode of the political thriller, which Mullins wrote and helped create along with four other local filmmakers, Tyler Perry, Ross Stansfield, Dave Campbell and Sean Sonnenburg, was shot entirely in Washington over six months without a budget. Mullins and his team made agreements with actors, businesses, Web developers and film students to share their talents in exchange for promotion on social-media sites.

“The story is about an Irish pub owner in Washington, D.C., who through a series of events is hired by the city’s power elite to sort of sweep their dirty laundry under the rug ... all fictional, of course,” says Mullins.

Mullins, who serves as a partner in the entertainment branding company Rubacam Media, contends he didn’t use any secret tales from his years walking the halls of the Capitol: “I didn’t have any one person in mind. I didn’t even really use stories. I just sort of probably used personalities and maybe events from the news over the years. I sort of wanted to take those and kind of spin them in sort of a fictional story.”

But some of the storylines might sound familiar, or at least plausible, says Mullins.

“We do have a senator character who at the time is being talked about as a possible vice presidential nominee. He’s got a little bit of a sketchy past that he needs to sort of have cleaned up.”

The first 25-minute episode will premiere Sunday with a red-carpet event at Kelly’s Irish Times, a bar just blocks from the Capitol where several scenes for the show were filmed. The goal, Mullins says, is to raise money for future episodes through crowdsource funding. Part of the money raised will go to the local charity Dress for Change.

While Mullins speaks positively about his time working for lawmakers, he says there is life after Capitol Hill for those looking for a career change.

“I sort of got to that crossroads and just decided it was time to move on and explore other interests and aspects of my personality. I really just decided to jump off and do something different.”

Photo: Ross Stansfield