Congresswoman's doppelganger causes confusion at event on Capitol Hill

But after Schwartz’s remarks, Day was surprised to find several people approaching her, having mistaken her for the 64-year-old congresswoman. More than one partygoer told her, “Thank you so much for speaking tonight.”

Day, 47, admits that there are a few similarities between herself and Schwartz. “We both have gray hair,” she laughs.

The two also happened to be dressed in nearly identical outfits at the soiree. Unfortunately, a side-by-side comparison didn’t happen that night; Day didn’t get a chance to chat with the lawmaker. Schwartz didn’t respond to ITK’s request for comment about her D.C. lookalike.

When she finished up a conversation with another attendee, Day commented that she was going to go mingle. The confused crowd member replied, “Yeah, you want to get elected next time!”

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