But the lawmaker is willing to make some sacrifices in the name of carbs, choosing to “skip the desserts” in order to feast freely on not one but two kinds of potato.

She says she also thinks dressing is simply dreamy, exclaiming, “I love dressing. I’m just crazy about dressing. And I have to confess I’m a little bit of a carb junkie.”

Mikulski, 76, says she’ll be spending Thursday in Maryland with her family, dining on a “traditional Thanksgiving dinner with some Polish-heritage overtones.” The Mikulskis’ menu includes turkey, stuffing, sauerkraut, Polish sausage, beer and wine.

When we asked whether she’d be doing any of the cooking to help get her carb fix, she replied with a smile, “I’m an appreciative audience. I help coordinate. I bring other things of good cheer.”

Her grin growing, Mikulski added, “I’m a bearer of glad tidings and good cheer. I love cheer and a bottle — particularly if they’re longnecks.”

Photo: Flickr