A political junkie, Lapolla’s trip to the Capitol included sitting in during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, walking on the House floor, attending a meeting with Deutch and eating lunch with the congressman in the members-only dining room.

The octogenarian told the paper what she learned of lawmakers: "They are very busy, I will tell you that. They are busy going to meetings.”

Deutch said to the Sun-Sentinel he was struck by Lapolla’s desire to spend her one wish in Washington, “especially given the way people feel about Congress these days.” Congress’s approval rating hit an all-time low of just 10 percent according to an August Gallup poll.

But Lapolla explains that, for her, it was the experience of a lifetime. “I wanted to see what those politicians do all day long. Not because I’m nosy. I just wondered. I didn’t want to just shake hands with someone.”