Choi, a self-described “international relations nerd,” recently launched a petition on to make her dream a reality. Claiming that bringing Psy and Obama together would result in “cultural diplomacy,” Choi lists a few reasons why supporters should slap their signatures on her petition.

Among them, the rapper and Obama will both be in the nation’s capital this weekend for TNT’s “Christmas in Washington” taping. “This is definitely fate!” writes Choi.

Plus, Obama has already expressed some familiarity with the proper “Gangnam Style” gestures. In an Election Day radio interview, Obama said of the song’s dance, “I think I can do that move. But I’m not sure that the inauguration ball is the appropriate time to break that out.” Choi writes on her petition, “Well, Mr. President, I’m not asking you to do this anywhere near the inauguration.”

So far, the petition has about 150 signers.