“Fala was so upset, because he always rode with Roosevelt, he ended up running away from the White House,” says the author. It seems the Scottish terrier sought a bit of cinematic comfort: “They didn’t find him until a few days later. He was found outside a movie theater. And the only way they were able to identify him is he had the collar, [which said] ‘Fala: The White House.’ ”

Roosevelt’s dog was so beloved, he was buried not far from the grave of the president.

Kinsolving notes that White House pets are important because “we know those dogs will comfort [presidents] in these times of tremendous stress and pressure. It is important for all leaders to have that.”

And the scribe says she’d like to get more glimpses of the current commander in chief’s Portuguese Water Dog, Bo. “I’d like to see more about him,” Kinsolving says. “And I certainly hope President Obama changes his mind and gets a second dog.”