What’s a movie without the popcorn?

Sen. Harry Reid is requesting some of the concession stand staple at an upcoming Senate screening of “Lincoln,” according to ABC News.

The Nevada Democrat reportedly plans to seek a special waiver from the Senate Rules Committee to allow the unbuttered kernels at the flick that’s poised to play Dec. 19 at the Capitol Visitor Center.

Because popcorn could have some members of the upper chamber licking their lips, Fox News Channel reports Reid has also requested bottled water at the screening. Food isn’t typically permitted in the area.

The movie, starring Daniel Day Lewis as the 16th president, is open to all senators.

The flick has been a popular pick in the nation's capital. Rep. Kevin McCarthy (Calif.) organized a viewing of the Steven Spielberg-directed film among fellow Republican members, and President Obama hosted a “Lincoln” screening at the White House last month.

Reid seems to be a pretty big fan of the movie, which is gaining lots of Oscar buzz. He told the Las Vegas Review-Journal he’s already seen it two times.

Photo: Flickr