“We’ve really become great friends,” he said. “I think we’re all resisting the idea there will be a farewell party because we don’t want to seem like there’s going to be any break.”

Lieberman, McCain and Graham were dubbed the “three amigos” for their frequent trips together and their work on foreign affairs, military and defense issues.

Now Lieberman is retiring, which is the Senate equivalent of a band breaking up. But they’ll always have their congressional delegation trips.

Lieberman said his favorite memories of traveling with his two colleagues were “being with American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan” and returning with McCain to Vietnam to visit the prison where the Arizona senator was held captive.

“We’ve had a lot of funny times,” Lieberman said. “Being on a plane together and watching ‘Borat.’ That’s an experience one doesn’t forget. Lindsey had already seen it. John and I hadn’t. Lindsey laughed as hard the second time as he did the first.”

Graham told ITK he offered to take Lieberman out for a night on the town — with one catch.

“I told him I’d take him on the town on a Friday night and he could spend all he wanted to spend, knowing he can’t go anywhere or do anything,” Graham joked, referring to Lieberman’s strict Judaism, which means the Connecticut senator observes the Sabbath starting Friday at sundown.

Graham added, “He’s a dear friend.”