In a message titled “Zen of the Fruitcake” posted on the Oregon Democrat’s website earlier this month, Blumenauer described his love of baking the seasonal staple: “Over the years, making fruitcake has become very important to me.”

Blumenauer says he crafted and distributed more than 200 of the cakes this year: “There is an amazing sense of satisfaction as I complete each batch. Like each mile or vista on the trail, each dozen cakes gives me the same sense of accomplishment.”

The congressman’s reelection campaign held a contest ahead of Christmas to award “a fruitcake handcrafted by Earl BlumenauerEarl BlumenauerWhiskey is for drinking, water is for fighting Russia, China eclipse US in hypersonic missiles, prompting fears Water has experienced a decade of bipartisan success MORE, plus a certificate of authenticity,” randomly picking a donor in a drawing.

Linda Chion Kenney, an editor and writer for Brandon, Fla.’s Patch site, says her daughter was able to taste the cake since “she knows someone who knows someone who received a fruitcake from Blumenauer.”

According to Kenney, her daughter gave a positive review of the baked good, telling her mom, “I never had a fruitcake, so my expectations were pretty low. But it was a pleasant surprise, and I couldn’t stop eating it.”