“This has been an exciting week,” Baldwin said in a Friday statement, “but it’s only going to get better when the Packers beat the Vikings and put an end to this trash talking from my Minnesota colleagues.”

Johnson described the goodies from the Badger State that are on the line: “Wisconsin is known for its fine cheeses and other dairy products, but our state produces many great beers as well. Sen. Baldwin and I are proud to offer a selection of microbrews and traditional labels against the best that Minnesota has to offer.”

But Klobuchar and Franken fired back with their own remarks. 

"I'm predicting a Viking victory in Green Bay on Saturday, and Sen. Klobuchar and I have wagered a case of Minnesota beer to back up that bet," said Sen. Franken. 

He added, "The Vikings have outperformed all the experts' predictions this year, and I'm sure they'll continue to do so this weekend at Lambeau Field in Green Bay. I'm looking forward to watching the Vikings win and to enjoying a Wisconsin beer with Sen. Klobuchar in the very near future."

Klobuchar said of her football rivals in the upper chamber, “It’s not often we have the chance to beat Green Bay two weekends in a row. There will be no better way to wash down the sweet taste of victory than with an ice cold Wisconsin beer from my friends across the border.”

Photo: Flickr