“Together or separate,” she told the paper in an interview published Thursday. “He’s really good on TV. I don’t really want to become a pundit. But that’s one of the things [they’re considering.] And there are law firms and trade associations.”

The ex-congresswoman explained, “I don’t know if either one of us have fully figured that out yet. Both options are out there — to work together or to work separately or to do some things together and some things separately. Again, it’s part of the patience process to wait and see.”

One thing’s for sure, Mack — who was elected to fill the seat held by her late husband, entertainer and former Rep. Sonny Bono (R-Calif.), after he died in a ski accident in 1998 — says her career in Congress is over.

“I will never run for office again,” she declared. “Not that it was a bad experience. It’s just that 15 years since I started to run, because I started running when Sonny died, that part of my life is moving on. I think I’m unique and I’m strange because I have a combination of entertainment and politics, and I’m interested in a lot of things.”

Mack, 51, added, “I don’t know what that mixture will bring me: hopefully, something that combines all of those things.”

CNN and Fox News Channel had no comment on Bono Mack's remarks.

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