When ITK informed Blackburn of Randall’s duet idea, she told us, "I grew up singing and playing the piano on Sundays for my church. Maybe we should go in the studio and do a new hit single called 'Don't Raise My Taxes, Take My Guns or Raid the Baby's Piggy Bank.' "

Jury’s out on whether that long-titled tune would top the Billboard charts.

Randall, along with “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” actor and fellow country music singer John Corbett, filled the dimly lit halls of Congress with a few of their tunes Wednesday for the annual Recording Academy’s Grammys on the Hill.

The event at the Rayburn House Office Building raises awareness and advocates for the rights of musical artists.

Corbett and Randall stressed the need for passage of a bill that establishes a terrestrial performance right so that artists receive royalties whenever their work is played on either AM or FM radio. A similar bill failed to gain traction in the 111th Congress.

Corbett, a former regular on “Sex and the City,” also joined Randall in a jam session, performing a tune called “Me and Whiskey.”

While Randall tapped Blackburn as a potential duet partner, Corbett’s choice might be a bit harder to pull off. Corbett, a West Virginia native, said he’d love to sing with former Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.), who died in 2010.

“My good buddy Robert Byrd, if I could bring him back I’d love to,” Corbett explained.

“I heard he was a fantastic fiddle player.”