Frank: ‘I’m not a senator, I just play one off-Broadway’

The ex-House member says he had “great fun” in his one-night-only role and even got a few laughs from the audience after delivering a line about a very important aspect of congressional etiquette for House freshmen: “You don’t speak in your first year.”

Frank — who has had bit parts in stage shows before — says he’s always had a little bit of an acting bug. He used to talk about the similarities between entertainment and politics with the late Rep. Sonny Bono (R-Calif.).

When we asked how he thinks he did in the show, Frank replied, “I have learned one thing about being sensible, and that is never rate your own performance.”

Frank expressed how grateful he was for the opportunity to shine on stage. He says the cast “went out of their way to be generous to me” and even gave him a premiere curtain call.

At one point, the director asked him if he’d like to take a bow. Frank says he deadpanned, “I said, ‘Wait a minute — let me ask you a question. You’re immersing yourself in a play and it’s about a member of Congress. Are you really asking me if I want to take a bow?’”

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