An interview last week with BuzzFeed reiterated Booker’s very public passion for the frozen dessert maker. Of Booker, who is exploring a bid next year for the seat of Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.), reporter Ruby Cramer wrote: “But whether or not Booker envisions his destiny [at] the White House is impossible to know and impossible to ask. (All Booker has said for sure is that he’d like a Ben & Jerry’s flavor named after him.)”

Booker is oft-quoted on Twitter and in interviews espousing his love of the Vermont-based ice cream producer, which features flavor names with a creative flair, such as “Chubby Hubby” and “Cherry Garcia.”

Sean Greenwood, who holds the title of “Grand Poobah of Public Relations” for Ben & Jerry’s, seemed to find Booker’s desire to be immortalized on a pint of the sweet stuff pretty cool. He tells us in an email, “We’ve heard a few times that the honorable Cory Booker is a fan. How awesome. He seems like a very progressive, and hands on guy. We like that in our elected leaders.”

The ice cream guru for the quirky company then came up with a few off-the-cuff and Booker-inspired flavor names. Noting the 43-year-old politician’s education at Stanford University and the University of Oxford, Greenwood suggested “Smart Cookie.”

He also floated another flavor, writing that “dealing with the many levels of society we could do ‘Mayor’s 7 Layer Cake?’ ”

But many lawmakers might appreciate his final flavor name pitch: “Or perhaps we could just name one ‘Public Servant’ which would be filled with pecans, cashews, and almonds because we’re sure — as the mayor can attest — that there are times where his job is simply nuts!”

Booker’s office did not respond to ITK’s request for comment on the (at this point hypothetical) flavor names.

Photo: (left) Cory Booker/Getty Images (right) Wikimedia