“Now, a day is defined quite differently. On Tuesday or Monday, you go in at 6 in the evening, when you have your votes scheduled. What you don’t finish up on that evening, you finish up the next day and the following morning at best.”

The congressman said clocking in a full day of work helped to build a rapport among his colleagues: “We were in committees every day, getting to know one another, and in the process, developing a measure of respect for one another, and in the process, learning where the opportunities for cooperation, collaboration existed."

“So we worked four and five days a week. If I had my way right now, we would be meeting four and five days a week,” he declares.

It remains to be seen if Nolan, 69, will ever get his way. But at least he’s working in pretty nice digs.

“I retain my seniority,” Nolan said. “Out of 80 new members of Congress, I’m the only one in one of these nice [Rayburn House Office building] offices.”