His tweet did not explain why he was going or what he was doing in Los Angeles.

Elizabeth Kucinich tweeted earlier Sunday: "Shopping's not my forte. Went to buy a dress for the #Oscars last weekend. Came home with dog food. Oops. Plan B..."

The photo showed Kucinich dressed in black tie with a patterned-bow tie and Elizabeth Kucinich in a black dress with a layered necklace.

Kucinich, a former two-time presidential candidate, lost his reelection to the House last year when Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio) defeated him in their primary. He has since signed on as a contributor to Fox News.

UPDATE: Kucinich told the Washington Post that friends at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences helped him get tickets.

“I have friends in the Academy,” he said. “Through the years a lot of members have supported me. ... I was just talking to Dustin Hoffman and he said, ‘This is a lot like your business, isn’t it?’ I said, ‘Yeah, but your people are prettier.’”

The couple told the paper it is their first Oscar trip. 

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