A black-and-white image of the famed Austrian chef looking astonished at the coffee cup he’s holding adorns the front of the large brewing whiz. The coffee creator adds a bit of luxury to the vending landscape in Russell, which also offers the typical soda and juice fare in its other machines.

Puck has already garnered a following of sort for his coffee-making contraption. In a 2008 YouTube video, a man appears overjoyed as he films his caffeine-filled drink being made from a similar-looking Puck-branded machine: “It’s so awesome. I love it. It is worth the money just to see this thing in action.”

As a “robot arm thing” prepares the man’s coffee, he cries with delight, “Watch it. Oh my gosh. This is what I’m talking about.”

While a worker told ITK the Wolfgang Puck machine was installed a few weeks ago, both a staffer with the Senate Rules Committee and a Wolfgang Puck Worldwide, Inc. employee didn’t get back to us about the latest addition.