Courtesy of the White House

The FLOTUS account tweeted a photo of Obama sitting at a laptop, wearing a purple patterned dress and pearls as she answered questions via the hashtag #AskFLOTUS

Some of her tips and tidbits:

"To relieve stress I love kick boxing."

"I love turkey & veggie chili -- lots of great recipes here:"

"Make exercise a priority. Early morning workouts are key for me. That way I'm done before the day gets busy."

She ended with: "This was fun! Gotta go -- will talk to you all soon. Until then, eat healthy & keep moving! -mo #AskFLOTUS."

Obama's office began the FLOTUS account in January, on her 49th birthday. Most of the tweets are from her staff but the ones from the first lady are signed "-mo". It has almost 295,000 followers.