But, the lawmaker said, if his 31-year-old opponent had gone all out, it would probably have been a different story, “He landed some shots and I felt them, but he wasn’t going in for the kill.”

While the pub was packed with spectators for the event, which reportedly raised money for a local gym, one person who wasn’t among the onlookers was King’s spouse, Rosemary.

“She stayed home and I don’t know whether if she was like anxiously waiting for me to come home, or looking at the insurance policy to see what she could collect if I got killed,” quipped King.

Despite it being his wife’s birthday, King had a devious plan that would’ve likely had him KO’d at home: “I was thinking of staging a phone call and have someone call and say it’s the doctor and ask her if she wants [me] to be resuscitated.” Instead of a prank phone call, King says he opted to take his wife out for a late birthday dinner following the bout.

The boxing fan, who works out in the gym weekly, has yet to hear from his colleagues in Congress about his showdown in the ring, but says, “They probably thought I was a little crazy to begin with and this confirms it.”

But the former House Homeland Security Committee chairman is getting a ton of reaction: “Without diminishing any of the work we do in Congress — I think I do a pretty serious job with Homeland Security and I’m a pretty conscientious congressman — I’ve gotten more publicity or more notoriety with this.”

He continued: “We could be fighting over tax bills, sequesters. I could make some great speeches and five people mention it to me.”

King says he thinks folks appreciate a politician stepping into the ring where “there’s no place to run, there’s no place to hide.”

Pressed if they are any other members of Congress he’d like to “resolve” his differences with in the ring, King replied with a hearty laugh, “No. I’ll just leave it at that, I’ll say no.”

He paused before saying, “Actually there’s a few people in my mind when I’m working out in the gym, punching the bag, I sort of envision their faces. There’s a few members of Congress and a few reporters also.”

King says he has no plans to slip on a pair of gloves for another rumble in the ring, because “you can only do this stuff so much.”

But he quickly added, “Unless the heavyweight champion of the world or something wants to do it in Yankee Stadium or something. Or Madison Square Garden.”

He then talked himself out of it, concluding, “No, this is it.”